Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quivering Jello and Joy

I'm strangely invigorated. I suppose what's strange is that the day has been filled with activity and being surrounded by teens who are operating full throttle, and it's basically overstimulation for an introvert. This is our Drama week and the whole school is involved in the production of Hamlet. It demands all my energy and attention, but the end result is typically enjoyable. Not only do we produce and perform a great play, but there is a coalescing of gifts and service that result in mutual appreciation, deeper respect and reliance, and lasting friendships. I love it even though at the moment my body has been "distilled into quivering jello." (I think that's a paraphrase from the play.)

But the point to be amplified is that however exhausted a week like this leaves me, I always walk away awed at the abilities people have and show when you give them half a chance. By way of a couple examples; a 9th grade student is leading and supervising a props committee of 8 that creates stage items such as jewel caskets, swords and thrones. A 7th grader is (with guidance) taking on Production management with budget considerations and activity coordination. An 11th grader is leading Lights and Sound, handling some fairly expensive and sophisticated electronics equipment, and directing others as they set specific stage lighting. How can one not be charged up when working with such capable young people?

You know what I especially like about all this? These are the next leaders who will step onto the stage of life to make their mark. And I get to say that I know them.

Today's Influences and Soundtrack:
Samuel of Ephraim, Oracles
Harper Lee, To Kill A Mockingbird
Nathan Clark George, Words For Everyday
Michael Hedges, Aerial Boundaries
Mozart, Symphony No. 26