Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Reasons Why "Gay Marriage" is Foolish

As of today, the U.S. Supreme Court is considering arguments on the matter of “gay marriage”.  Aside from what the court decides, here are some fundamental reasons why “gay marriage” is not only an absurdity, but downright foolishness.

1.       Gay marriage fails to recognize the obvious male-female structure and function of all the other living species (plants included!) on the planet.  Any clear thinking observation of the rest of the biological order reveals how fruitless the gay mindset actually is.  It frankly amazes me that the scientists don’t speak up about this.  If survival of the species is of prime concern, how actually does gay marriage promote that?  Thus, gay marriage attempts to redefine "normal" with something that is in the ordinary arrangement of life clearly not.  Biologically, the entire gay mindset is a dead-ended aberration.

2.       Gay marriage short-circuits the importance of male-female refinement in committed relationships.  In terms of personal development, there is a real distinction between the female perspective of the world and the male perspective.   Neither is more correct than the other, both are needed, and each needs the other. This is amplified and intensified in committed heterosexual marriage because each of the parties must work out their differences to the benefit both (or all, if they have children). Gay marriage stunts the parties involved, and is therefore of no real benefit in terms of relational development.  If anything, it is a major step backwards.

3.       Gay marriage fails to recognize (or ignores) the fuller way that male-female marriage nurtures children.  Aside from the obvious fact that gay marriage cannot of itself produce offspring, if the gay couple was able to adopt children it would developmentally deform them.   Enough studies have shown that children develop a healthier self-image, and a healthier understanding of gender, when they are raised up in a stable and loving male-female household.   Gay marriage removes those important gender distinctions and simply confuses them for children.  Those children grow up to be members of society, and by that time, their skewed perceptions are virtually entrenched.  Those now grown up children are not likely to produce a stable society.

4.       Gay marriage treats marriage as mere sentimentality rather than as something which has greater purpose, that is, a greater benefit to the society.  “We just love one another and deserve the same rights as other couples who love one another” is an insufficient and silly reason to redefine all other aspects of a society.  “I just love my dog (or horse or sheep)” is an insufficient and silly reason to rescind bestiality laws and allow a redefinition of social order.

5.       In the final analysis, gay marriage redefines marriage in terms of orgasm (after all, what other reason is there for calling it “gay” marriage?)  It forces the rest of society to abandon the definition of marriage as a life-long committed relationship between a man and a woman for the benefit of the individuals in that relationship, for the children of that relationship, and for the society as a whole.  To accept gay marriage as part of the new normal is to renege the whole of social structure to the aberrant cravings of a few who need affirmation for something which they don’t even feel is normal.

But, heck, we’re Americans.  Trendsetters.  Progressive.  Independent. And we sure don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings or rob them of their “rights”.   In the name of generous-hearted tolerance, we’ll be happy to accept the unassailable conclusions of our cultural leaders and drink down the Kool-Aid.  And then we’ll wonder what’s going on when our society begins to unravel.

Today’s Influences and Soundtrack:
Charles Darwin, Origin of Species
Morris Kline, Mathematics for the Non-Mathematician
Thomas Kuhn, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions
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